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Upparel is currently waiving costs on all 3 subscriptions plans and includes a 3-6% processing fee paid by customers on checkout for transactions processed on the platform.


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General Questions


Will Upparel work for other types of shops?

Yes! We work with thousands of shops signed up with Upparel and many of them aren’t screen-printers. We have embroiders, sign manufacturers, promotional product customization shops, DTG and more!

How do I get started?

To begin the Basic Plan – Click Here. You’ll be taken through a quick questionaire and then you’ll be good to go! Our development team is working hard to ensure a quality release. Click here to join the waitlist. When it is released, you will be the first to have access.

Why E-Commerce?

Print shop owners and operators deserve the same tools as the Fortune 500 companies. We empower print shops to expand their customer base beyond their surrounding area. E-Commerce makes for an easier checkout process for your customers and allows you to more accurately track sales, profits, etc.

Why pay monthly?

Upparel is a secure, cloud-based platform. This means that the application lives on Amazon’s servers. What this also means is that we build and push updates, features & improvements almost daily. You are a part of this constant growth and help to support it with your monthly payment.

Do I download Upparel to my computer?

Upparel is a web-based product which means that you do not download it to your computer. You access it through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). This means you can access your shop data using any device with an internet connection (phone, tablet and laptop).

Since Upparel is web-based, who owns my data?

You own all of your data. It is not shared with anyone outside of your organization. You can also export your data to CSV and XLS format from Upparel at any time.

Can I cancel anytime?

No contracts or commitments. You will be billed monthly. You can cancel anytime and directly within your account.

“We have reduced the headache of working with so many different softwares…Upparel is the one stop shop"

Daniel | Miami, FL

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